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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Finals Week (and a half)

Inspired by Eli's cathartic post, I thought I would tell you how school is going. I particularly would love it if JoAnna read and responded to my issue.
In my math class, instead of taking a final exam, we are doing a final project. This includes a 5 page paper and a 5-7 minute presentation for the class. My topic is aesthetics and math; ratios, Fibonacci, Vitruvius, Pi, Da Vinci, and the like. I have been reading books about such things but I am starting to get nervous. I don't know what my point is going to be, exactly. The book I was reading is suddenly very mathematical and I don't know what concepts I am supposed to be getting from it. And I have two other tests demanding my attention.
I am not freaking out, but I am very concerned.


Jak said...

I love your phrase "and the like," as if it's so simple. I'm thinking that you are still at a rather basic level as far as the mathematics of the course go and didn't you say it's kind of a math class for non-mathy people? If that's the case, I'm expecting you are just looking at something where math is used in the real world. Your subject as is, is rather broad. What is your instructor expecting and asking of you? Can you give an overview of the artistic and aesthetic side of math? Or, do you need to get more into details? If details are needed, I would narrow your topic to just Fibonacci (for example) and even then take it down to something very concrete. You may want to do that anyone, just to help your focus. Call me if you want to talk- it's my favorite subject! :)

Jak said...

So, did you survive?