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Modern Muse
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Post on My New Life

So now that I am finally unpacked and generally settled (if not actually organized), I can blog all about my adventures in Olympia thus far.
Getting here has been one hell of a ride. The car died 22 miles outside of Baker, Oregon. (Miraculously, we were able to slowly find a Dealership with what has to be the nicest man on the planet)  Then Mother and I got lost in Pendleton, Oregon, likely further screwing up the car. That night I got sick-fever, chills, and everything. Nevertheless, here I am.
My apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen/dining area, one balcony, one huge living room, one washer/dryer, and no couch.The four occupants are me, Toby, Jean, and Britnee. I would consider our kitchen, dining room, and the bathroom I share with Jean done. Our kitchen/dining room is blue and yellow, and our bathroom is green. The whole place is gorgeous, the apartment and the grounds. Toby loves the outdoors, there are lots of new smells and rich grass. There is even a dog run where he is free to hang out sans leash. Toby hates our stairs. He refuses to go down them, I think because he can't see very well or his depth perception is off or something. He cries and frets. Since I don't want him relieving himself on our front porch, I must pick him up and carry him down from the third floor.
Toby has adjusted very well. He is okay to be left alone in my boudoir and he enjoys chasing Girlfriend all over the house. He also enjoys the balcony, but has a tendency to talk to every single car that drives by. He is quite exhausted, as am I, which is why this blog isn't very well written.
More to come...