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Modern Muse
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Monday, June 18, 2007


I am currently in class and I think it is kind of pointless. I swear we had the same lecture last time and now I can't do the assignment we are supposed to be doing as a class because I forgot my flash drive. I would totally just leave but there's only 5 people exactly in this class so it would be obvious. One guy left during the break, which I also thought about doing, but the professor sounded like she had something else to say that I would need to be here for. Guess not.
I think I am the only one not doing anything. I hate wasting time like this. I need to go to the library and pay bills and do this thing for Susan...Oh thank heaven. The professor said we get to leave on time because she has a meeting or something.
Sorry for complaining. I'm actually really happy, lately. I'm just tired right now. I had a great weekend full of films Jeffrey so generously lent me. My favorite was The Man In The Iron Mask. I love the ultra-heroic idealism in that movie, and John Malkovitch is really a good actor. (I know this is probably duh, but I'm just discovering this.) He should do books on tape in his spare time. I also went to the comedy club where Tony does stand-up. Sergio and I sat right in the front row, which was kind of fun, but I felt bad on the rare occasion things weren't funny. O well.
Holy crap I can leave. Farewell!

Monday, June 11, 2007


I should have been in bed 2 hours ago. I can't sleep. It's too hot to sleep with the window closed, and the neighbors TV is too loud with it open. Not to mention I keep coughing. Attendance at Math Class isn't mandatory, but I don't want to miss. So I guess I'll go try it again.

Music: "Young Folks"-Peter Bjorn and John

Friday, June 08, 2007

Today I Feel Parenthetical.

So now that I have effectively destroyed any chance of anyone I know actually reading this, I can publish the more scandalous bits of my life without fear. But before my imaginary readers get too excited, when scandalous things happen to me I usually blitz on hours of TV trying to forget them. Nonetheless, here is what's been happening:
-My older brother and his 15-year-old son, along with their Boston terrier and pug have taken up residence in my little ch√Ęteau.
-My friend Kandis got married. Congratulations!!
-Karen, Brandy, and Aurora have all given me incredibly generous late Birthday presents. Thank you!
-I saw something that really is scandalous (and quite disturbing).
-School has started once again for the summer. I'm excited for my math class, I'll post on computers next week.
-Aurora and I once again are going to go for walks with her dog Nina.
-Michael Cera of Arrested Development has a web-show. Watch it! It's pretty funny and I would probably find it twice as if the video didn't have to keep buffering-pretty sure that's my internet connection, though, not the site. (To those of you with would-be virgin ears, they try to censor "swears" but they really suck at it.) Regardless, you have to support alumni from the greatest sitcom of all time. (Yes I did just put it above Seinfeld. You will just have to deal with it.)
-Hard Candy makes excellent makeup, particularly bronzer, nail polish and mascara. Thanks Natalie for stocking me up!
Todays music: Blue Man Group.
Hot guys of the week: Steven Strait; Jensen Ackles; and of course Clark Duke and Michael Cera of Clark and Michael whose comedy has rocked my world.