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Monday, June 18, 2007


I am currently in class and I think it is kind of pointless. I swear we had the same lecture last time and now I can't do the assignment we are supposed to be doing as a class because I forgot my flash drive. I would totally just leave but there's only 5 people exactly in this class so it would be obvious. One guy left during the break, which I also thought about doing, but the professor sounded like she had something else to say that I would need to be here for. Guess not.
I think I am the only one not doing anything. I hate wasting time like this. I need to go to the library and pay bills and do this thing for Susan...Oh thank heaven. The professor said we get to leave on time because she has a meeting or something.
Sorry for complaining. I'm actually really happy, lately. I'm just tired right now. I had a great weekend full of films Jeffrey so generously lent me. My favorite was The Man In The Iron Mask. I love the ultra-heroic idealism in that movie, and John Malkovitch is really a good actor. (I know this is probably duh, but I'm just discovering this.) He should do books on tape in his spare time. I also went to the comedy club where Tony does stand-up. Sergio and I sat right in the front row, which was kind of fun, but I felt bad on the rare occasion things weren't funny. O well.
Holy crap I can leave. Farewell!


Jak said...

Phewf! You're outta there!

I hate sitting there when you should be busy and can't be and you feel stupid leaving even if no one would care, but they might and you don't want to make a bad impression... Aye yi yie! The dillemas of life. (I just read Benny's blog about the power point screen). But seriously, I hate how little things like that can be SO stressful. Glad you made it through. Bet you won't forget your... thing again. (I forget what they're called...).

Glad to hear you're happy and enjyoing Jeffrey's movies. It's so silly, I saw his name and was like, hey! that's my guy... hehehe. And we think Jr's the only one to do happy dances... that reminds me, I was going to comment to Benny that interpretive dance is a GREAT suggestion for his teaching!

mudder said...

Some days are just like that and's also Monday. Go home and clean your room. That should, mudderbear

unbroken said...

just wanted to say hey and let you know i'm reading your stuff. excited for tomorrow. chao