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Modern Muse
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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lessons From The Enemy

When someone falls from the sky, you just don’t know. They could be a god, but they could be one of us. You just have to wait and see. Most of the time they’re just another mortal, and you just need to make sure they’re not too happy, not too fulfilled. Keep them in the dark so they don’t really know what’s going on. They might join some social cause, they might wreck someone’s self esteem, but they are essentially average and hopefully discontent.

Sometimes you get one that is just waiting for some sort of immortality. One that’s aware of us. That knows it didn’t have just another nightmare. That realizes the gravitas. That knows you’ve been watching it all day. It isn’t mediocre. It doesn’t get drunk and go to bed. It talks to THEM and crusades against us. Or if we work it out right, it destroys. It kills something, maybe even itself.

When that happens it’s a clear win. Then it’s just like us. Even better, it chose to be just like us. It’s completely responsible for it. But sometimes, it decides it hates us. That’s the wrong word. Everyone hates us, we hate us. It decides to fight us. It doesn’t acknowledge that we’re there, but we’re not ignored either. It hurts us, but doesn’t even revel in it. It becomes garish. It stays in the lights, but doesn’t fear the dark. It decides it’s some sort of god. Some of us refuse to admit it gets stronger but it does. It starts to know things like what we can’t do. It doesn’t let us tell it things. It knows we lie. Our tricks work well, but not against a demi-god.

We say i need more belief in us. i say we need to face facts. We need to find the Ones and conquer. Because it decides who wins: us or THEM.


Jak said...

Wow. You told me about this the other day, but where did it come from? Very interesting. I need to read it again...

mudder said...

xlxthis is eerie...and a little scary. It sounds like the opening page of a really intrigueing story. Well done.