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Modern Muse
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Me! Me! Meme!

So Eli has tagged me with a meme. The challenge is to write eight "random" things about myself. So here goes:
1) I am highly neurotic and have a hard time being random. There is always a method to my madness.
2) Sometimes, I wish I were hot. I don't think I'm unattractive, but sometimes I wish I was bowl-you-over, knock-you-out, beautiful. Like maybe make guys scared a little.
3) Sometimes I really, really, really miss playing with toys.
4)Not that this may be actually surprising (and sorry if it's TMI, but you asked), I really love kissing and think it's so fun and think about it a lot.
5) I really have no desire to drive, ever. I think about taking lessons and going slow and I want to puke.
6) I have a recurring scary but silly nightmare in which I somehow get pregnant from a bathtub.
7)I am really sad that I only officially get to be a teenager for one more year.
8) Sometimes I love people, dogs, songs, ideas so much, I actually feel pain in my chest and want to cry.


mudder said...

You've always been an intense person. And you can be a teenager for as long as you want to. Karen has done it. And JoAnna was 19..or was it 20..for several years.

Did you notice that now it's your turn to tag people for the meme.?

Jak said...

There may be a method to your madness, but no one else can see it! Kinda like Nash in A Beautiful Mind- all his connections and secret codes etc. There was no "real" method to it. Hahaha.
Now, watch the kissing. Too much of a good thing...can be too much :)
From, the sister who taught you to play kssing tag ;)

Benny K said...

I hear ya on #8.

(And hey, my word verification was "kjtrisik," which is practically your name!!!)