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Modern Muse
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thoughts from The Power Of Intention Wayne Dyer (Chapter 2)

Faces Of Intention (Destiny)
1. Creativity
  This means progress, divine potential (which could be another definition of intention), the knowledge that the kingdom of God is within you. Those same creative faculties God has given me that allow me to have children also allow me to shape my destiny.
2. Kindness
 The supreme virtue of womanhood is compassion. When a woman denies compassion she is truly denying her divine nature and Goddess energy. As she is kind and does good works, she will be led to her destiny.
3. Love
 Love creates destiny. Doing what you love, being with who you love is your destiny. "Men are that they might have joy." True love is all the good things: true love is fearless. Love is to fear, hate, etc. as light is to dark.
4. Beauty
 Satan is the deceiver, he tells us lies to make us unhappy. God tells us the truth to make us happy. The truth is always beautiful, even if strangely, sublimely, or even tragically so. This is what true romantics know. As we look for the beauty in everything, we are constantly looking for God. Therefore we are constantly becoming aware of his will for us and able to align ourselves with that will. This practice also helps us to survive.
5. Expansion (Progress)
Again, the life force, progress. Our true destiny is to eternally progress. Choosing to stagnate, is then, one of the worst "sins" we can commit. If expression constantly increases, we must cultivate the good things (the BEAUTY) we have in us and our lives. (Parable of the talents).
6. Unlimited abundance (Eternity)
 "Your ways are not God's ways". God is INFINITE, ETERNAL, & EVERLASTING. We can become like God. We are his children, we share his traits.
7. Receptivity (Faith)
"Intention [Destiny] can't respond to you if you fail to recognize it." Don't ask how, just say yes. If you have received your answer from God, just go forward with faith. "I know the Lord provides a way."

Visualize the power of intention (destiny).
Be reflective/faithful.
Expect beauty.
Meditate on/pray about appreciation.
Banish doubt/fear.

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