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Monday, October 05, 2009

Everything else that happened in September...

So as you may have gathered, my time is stictly limited. Here is an extremely rough view of my first month here.

As you can see, the flat has been taking shape. We have been able to decorate a bit, and the living room now has furniture. Unfortunately, the plumbing in our apartment is not first rate, so we are waiting on maintenance to come fix the toilets.
I started working for the school newspaper. I got a movie review published and am now interim calendar coordinator, which means I get to know everything that's going on on campus and in town (though I still don't actually attend any of it). If you go to the website, you can find my review as well as see that almost all calendar events were submitted by moi.

Speaking of moi, I have started school-I have four credits humanities, four credits aesthetics, four credits french, and two credits creative writing. (I think this is the best way to explain my course load to non "greeners", as they call us up here.)  I love the subject, but school is kicking my butt. I spent 10 hours on homework today. 10! I'm finding French pretty easy to understand, but it's still 8 hours of homework-apart from basic studying. I am in school eight hours a day just in class, and the other night (between class and the paper) I didn't get home till 11 pm. I am still broke, despite my hard work. ;) I am accepting donations if you want to send me a personal check or money order. I still haven't found a real job yet, but I will be going to an employment workshop tomorrow. The images above are my view on my way to class (so lucky) and my view from the back corner of the bus (not so lucky, just crammed!)
On the fun side of things, my roommates and I went to Seattle the other day. J'adore Seattle! (Side effect of the French. I've been dreaming in it, which is awkward seeing as I've only had two classes and don't know much yet.) I was very disciplined, only buying food, ferry tickets, and okay, one book for my mother because it's going out of print and I couldn't resist. (It is coming Mommy, I just have to buy stamps!)

 Britnee, Jean, Me.
Now a note from Toby-what he doesn't like and does like about college.
Being confined in the apartment all day.
The declining frequency of treats.
Taking showers.
Being alone.
Most of the dogs at hearthstone, notably that smug boston terrier-pug mix.
The balcony.
The smells.
The balcony.
The fact that going outside lasts longer than 2 minutes.
The blacony.
One of the dogs at hearthstone, namely the papillon that lives next door.
The balcony.
Chasing Girlfriend all over the apartment.
The balcony.
Toby in his chair and the yard, respectively.

Toby actually has taken an upswing in energy, and he's lost a little weight. I do get worried because after his monthly bath, he gets much colder here than in Salt Lake. I wrapped him in a dog coat and t-shirt, which he hated, but it's better than the violent shiver he had just before I put it on. Strangely, I miss Toby just as much as anyone. I'm always worring that he needs to go out and I don't know it, that he didn't get fed enough, that he misses me. His seperation anxiety was pretty bad my first week at the paper-he even peed inside. I feel a little bit better when he's able to wander about the pines on the dog run, or when I snuggle him and he seems happy. I have definetly decided that I'm going to get a pizza and breadsticks for us to share one day, like we used to on my days off when there was no one at home to hear his complaints. I'm sure Toby would love familiar visitors, hint hint.
I also need a Ruby Tuesday cherry coke at least once a month I've decided. I'm jonesing, I tell you. And while not quite as effervescently lovely as Millie's, they're pretty good.


N@ said...

Khrys! I love this post! Your apartment looks nice (too bad about the plumbing... my apartment has issues too... lame!) and I'm with Toby on the Boston Terrier. He's a loser. Ha ha! Your roomies look awesome (that's all I can go on... haha) but they are certainly people I could see me hanging with!
And school is killing me, too. All I do is read. And take reading breaks. And read. I talk to my mum daily and I rarely have something to say! Ha!
Cool that you are dreaming in French! I'm jealous. I am tired of dreaming in English. It is so... English. Ha ha.
Oh, and speaking of needing cherry cokes, I found out that there is crystal light with caffeine. Um, so my caffeine addiction is getting worse. :-/ Yikes! But it's tasty and it gives me lots of energy! Wooooooo!
I think it is so cool that you are on the newspaper staff! Way to go!!
Give me a ring if you get the chance! I miss you!

mudderbear said...

Khrys... i love this post. The pictures are really nice, especially the ones of Toby. We miss him too. We are always looking for him and Dad is wondering if the first thing he'll do when he comes back will be to get up on [his] marshmallow chair for a sit. I can hardly believe the pic of you on the boat or that you were in Seattle. Hang in there,..if you learn to work hard and survive you will have a good skill for life. I worry about you being cold and hungry. Glad you found a good place for the Cherry Cokes. Be careful...stay sensible. Send me those phone numbers...................

Benjamin said...

Hope to see more posts in the near future! I know your time is limited, but it's fun. More pics too. I'm still jealous. This is the start of real rift between us. Probably last forever, or until you fall of a ferry and are swallowed by a whale.

(P.S. The word verification for my comment is "foushap". That's funny cuz it makes me think of slapping you!)