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Modern Muse
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Book Review-The Note by Kay Bognar

Miranda Jenkin's best friend is lost at sea. He was seen throwing a bottle overboard containing a note for her. Miranda finds herself becoming obsessed by her search for it.

I received this book as an early reviewer, and to be honest, was only mildly interested by the plot. I however found myself sucked in immediately and couldn't put it down. It is truly more interesting if you have just the slightest hint of what the book is about, although one wonders how successful the book will be with it's two-second teaser. Though the novel is written for young adults, the style of writing is somewhat old-fashioned, which I personally enjoyed. The only complaint I had was that the pacing seemed off. Some events take forever to describe, while others happen so fast that I read them twice to make sure I'd processed it. I hope enough people pick up this book to discover the weird and wonderful plot inside.


mudderbear said...

Since I read the Magnificent Obsession by Douglas, I've been drawn to the old fashioned, romantic movie style of writing. So this sounds good. I can't imagine trying to find a bottle with a note in it somewhere...out there.....

Steve Morozumi said...

sounds like a good read. thanks for the reco! the concept is pretty amazing! to truly search for such a thing would be quite an adventure in itself!

-Steve @ fluxlife