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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Utah Museum of Fine Arts: Monet to Picasso

The exhibit was amazing. I looked at the works in a different way than most of the other people, especially the paintings. I want not only to see the painting, but to see the brushstrokes, to be inside it, to make love to it. I want to live in the world of the painting for as long as possible. In fact I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to just stare at each painting for an hour or more in order to absorb it fully.

I was thinking of what I was looking at, and I was thinking there should be more of a physical response to it. I should faint or cry or have some outward manifestation towards so much beauty. When I saw the first Van Gogh, I found it hard not to scream or to cry. Nevertheless, I only smiled.

I am always amazed at how looking at art affirms certain aspects of my philosophy. In a painting from the blue period of Picasso, the accompanying placard speculates that it could be a comment on profane love versus perfect love. The painting features a couple on one side and a woman and child on the other. I thought very clearly, “No, sexual love is not profane.” It was uplifting to be so sure of myself for once.

My favorite part of the exhibit was Auguste Rodin. I wasn’t expecting any work by him, let alone his most famous work, The Thinker. I knew that Rodin thought that one is able to express mood through the body just as well as the face. His work truly exhibits this. It is almost strange that his sculptures don’t move. There was a rather large sculpture of a nude young man that had been controversial in his time. It was my favorite because it seemed so strong. It seemed to express a love for humanity and a quiet joy in being alive.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would love to go again.

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mudderbear said...

AMEN.....thanks so much for taking me with you. I love all your expressions of feelings and appreciation. It's hard to imagine anyone not being 'moved' by these works but you are so involved spiritually that it's all an awesome experience. I'm looking forward to another trek.