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Modern Muse
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Sunday, February 24, 2008


I believe that if you can possibly bear something-a song, a film, an experience-you should. Everything has a purpose and therefore even the least sophisticated creation may have some glorious truth to be gleaned.
Oscar Wilde said all bad poetry is sincere, which perhaps explains why even some of the most monotonous rock songs are still good. Think of "American Music" by The Violent Femmes. From an aestheticist's eye, that song sucks, but I do love it so, because I do like American Music!
That being said, if you glean no truth, and cannot find someone to satisfactorily find it either; or worse, find a lie, the "something"-song, film, experience-should be cast out with great force, as with the devil.


Benny K said...

Interesting stuff. I love "American Music" too. It belongs on my "I dare you to be unhappy!" compilation.

That being said, did you read my latest post, in which I gently pooh-pooh the film, Simply Irresistible? Are you condemning me for my comments?

mudderbear said...

You are very wise....or maybe just a philosopher....good post. You need to do more posts more often,

Jak said...

This is interesting and I would like to say it's true, in an artistically appreciative way. However, I do wonder about things like the movie Benny posted about or some that I've seen, books I've read, people in my high school creative writing class... not everything can pass as art...
Oh, duh, I get you. That's what you are saying should be cast out like the devil! How right you are!