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Modern Muse
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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Witnessed a totally annoying conversation today. You guys all know that sub Bob who doesn't have legs and likes to yell at everyone? (Not to be insensitive about injuries or whatev, it's just the easiest way to identify him.) Well I had him for art history today. This kid comes in late complaining he nearly got caught in the hall sweep and the he doesn't prefer the new administration. So Bob yells about how you shouldn't insult educators and I'm thinking why? What makes them so special? Then the guy says he wasn't insulting anyone, just stating his opinion. So Bob blows up-"the problem is you are at the age where you think you know more than anyone and you don't and one day you will realize that." All because the dude didn't agree with the administration. So much for the 1st amendment.


Benny K said...

I had Bob as a substitute at least once that I can remember. He seemed like a grumpy person. It doesn't seem like substitute teaching would be an ideal profession for someone predisposed to anger. Here's wishing you only bright and cheery subs in the future.

mama bear said...

Some people...they just have to tell you what's what! And they really have to tell teens what's what, like the kids have never had a unique thought in their whole lives. It burns me up! I am a 54-year-old grandmother and I am pretty sure that most of these kids know a lot more about a lot of things than I do. Even so, they deserve respect for their thinking. They have high standards and a lot of strength. And I have found schools to be one of the last places on earth to recognize this. Cudos to all of you really great teachers and people who do know this and react accordingly. Your mother

Natalie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh Bob. He binds all students from the SLCSD together.

P.S. I'm enjoying your own blog entries... :-)

Natalie said...

P.S. I meant "old" not "own." Curious slip.