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Modern Muse
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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Trouble In The Third Chakra

Last night I went to a Carol Tuttle seminar thing and learned about the seven chakras. The chakras are areas in your body that symbolize different issues and ideas. We did this test where we supposedly find which chakras are unbalanced. My most heavily unbalanced chakra is the third, which deals with power and identity. The test thing showed symptoms of excess. But what does this mean? I feel an excessive sense of power and identity? Can you feel an excessive sense of identity? Maybe that's what narcissism is. I am kind of narcissistic. But I seriously thought I'd have the least problem with that. However as I was reading the affirmations for clearing your chakra, it kinda made sense. Acknowledging things like you can't fully be yourself because it's risky or it's bad or you'll offend people. I wish I was fearless.


Benny K said...

Maybe the fact that you thought narcissism would be your least problem proves that you're narcissistic! What a quandary! The seminar sounds interesting. I'm sure I have at least one or two chakras way out of whack. Perhaps you can help me, eh?

mama bear said...

Dear Glittery Jukebox; I too went to the Carol Tuttle Lecture (haha). After reading about your quandry, I am a little bit more in doubt about the authenticness of this science than before. This is because, knowing you personally, I am unaware of any faults you may have in this instance. You seem to be just fine to me, perfectly balanced and very charming, also quite grounded and sure of yourself, (thank goodness for this.However, knowing the mind-set of many girls your age--12 to 19, I'm sure you might be seeking some part of yourself to critique and analyze. My advice is to have fun with it, learn a little about your wonderful self, and leave a lot of room for possible errors on the part of the pendant dangling over your chakra points. It can be maneuvered by mind over matter, you know, and all of this is just a ruse. Did you recognize that the girl on the floor at the lecture was the same one who assisted the chiropracter in the previous demo? hmmm..... Anyway, on the other hand, let's give the pendant test a try sometime soon and see what happens. Love you forever, your mother