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Modern Muse

Modern Muse
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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Incurable Romanticism

Do you ever feel as if you might be insane and you would rather just fall into it? Like it might be more pleasant to drown than to fight the waves?
I don't want to be good anymore. I don't want to be bad, per se, I just want to give myself up to life. I don't want to temper my passions anymore. I want love, creativity, revolution...Everything I've always wanted, everything I am....I feel afraid to face myself, because what if I die? What if I really do drown in my own intensity? But I can't fight it anymore.
So let me fall, let me dream of you a little, however irrational, dangerous, or insane. Did you know I believe in love at first sight? I don't advertise it, but I do.
I want so much more than just salvation, even if I risk salvation to get it. Is that wrong or is it True? Will I be cast out?
If I am, maybe you'll be there...