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Modern Muse
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas: Santa, Presents, Magic and Miracles.

When I was little I asked Santa for a star. Santa, in his wisdom, said he would place one above the house for me. And there it was, Christmas night, in the Northeast.
Two or three years later, we were moving and I was sad for my star. We would be leaving it.
One night, in my new house I looked to the sky. In the Northwest, there was a star. My star. I thought I imagined it. But after several nights, it was still there. And it is right up there in the winter, every winter.
I know it's mine. I just know.
So that's why I believe in Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas.


fluxlife said...

that is the sweetest story. thank you for that.

Merry Christmas!

-steve @ fluxlife

mudderbear said...