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Modern Muse
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Saturday, August 27, 2005

How Good are you at Certain Things?
Favorite Color
Sex - 82%
Romance - 8%
Self - Control - 38%
Kissing - 77%
Cuddling - 26%
Kinkiness - 71%
This Quiz by KillianO - Taken 2286902 Times.
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Benny K said...

For shame!

But here's my score:
Sex - 49%
Romance - 94%
Self - Control - 82%
Kissing - 100%
Cuddling - 76%
Kinkiness - 78%

Granted, I could be lying. But, lest you think I am, this is based on using my legal first name, listing my favorite color as "silver," and listing my nickname simply as Ben. (So, if you're priveleged enough to know my legal first name, you can check my answers yourself.)

Sadly, though, it seems that when I turn 27 in the near future, my Romance will suddenly plummet to 0%. Everything else drops heavily as well, except for sex, which will shoot up to 78%. But I guess that makes sense, seeing as how I'm getting married...

JoAnna said...

I suck worse than Benny... oops, where'd it go?